April 8 at 16-00 in the cabin of the icebreaker "Krassin" will open an exhibition "Indigenous peoples and culinary traditions in the Arctic." The exhibition is based on the materials of the project "EALLU: Indigenous Youth, Arctic Change & Food Culture". With the support of the Arctic Council, the direct participation of the Association "World reindeer Herders" for the first time the project participants and authors of the eponymous book will present to the public not just the culinary masterpieces of the peoples of the Arctic, and a rich, diverse, lively, and contemporary food culture of the people who live in the vast expanses of the Arctic.

Over millennia, Arctic Indigenous People' culinary traditions and food culture have nourished peoples, enriched communities, bound generations and embodied the very essence of 'sustainability'. Indigenous food production and processing systems ensured that by connecting to the deep cycles of the seasons, sun and moon, and their specific ecological niches, and their rich knowledge, herders, hunters, fishers and gatherers could sustain human and animal life over thousands of years. This is not 'Traditional Knowledge' constructed in the form of a declaration or political statement. This is ancient knowledge enacted in the everyday.


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