Exhibition opening: Polar night – Life and light in the dead of night
What goes on in the sea when the polar night lies dark over the Arctic? Norwegian researchers from UIT, UNIS, NTNU and Akvaplan-niva in cooperation with SPbU have investigated this in recent years, and all findings are unambiguous: it is bursting with life in the dark night - both in the deep, and in shallower waters. Some animals even produce their own light!
The challenges of conducting research in the polar night are many, but the new findings about what organisms are present, how they survive during the polar night, and how they interact are important for understanding how Arctic ecosystems operate, both in the dark and during the brighter parts of the year.
Join us in the dark!
The exhibition will be opened by professor Anne Husebekk, rector of UiT The Arctic University of Norway and professor Sergey Aplonov, vice-rector for research of the Saint Petersburg State University.